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Help plan the future of our region! Take the residential preference survey.

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As part of the urban growth management process a region-wide coalition of private and public sector organizations, led by Metro, is conducting a residential preference survey in April, 2014. Our goal is to hear from as many residents of the region as possible about the kinds of neighborhoods, homes, parks, transportation options and other facilities that people want.

At climate summit, leaders support transportation investments

climate change, development, transportation, finances and funding, planning and policy, reporting by Nick Christensen

More buses. Smarter roads. Better sidewalks and bikeways. All gathered support from the morning gathering of dozens of elected officials. That support isn't surprising. The leaders were spending on a currency of moral imperative, guided by a budget they've already laid out in policies that have been adopted from city councils and county commissions from across the region.

Citizen-Oversight Group Praises Zoo Bond Implementation

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Elephants at the ZooThe Oregon Zoo continues to deliver on promises made in 2008, when the region’s voters approved a $125 million zoo bond measure promoting animal welfare and sustainability, a citizen-oversight group reports. At a meeting of the Metro Council yesterday, the Oregon Zoo Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee commended Metro and zoo staff for their effectiveness in implementing a host of projects funded by the community-supported bond measure as well as for its responsiveness in addressing committee recommendations and questions.

Your voice is important: Public comment period March 21 to May 5

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There's a reason our region has remained such a great place to live – decades of careful planning have preserved neighborhoods, supported our economy and protected the farms, forestland and natural areas that help create the unique sense of place and quality of life for which the region is known. Because good planning is an ongoing process, Metro is seeking your input on how you live, work and get around the region today and what changes you would like to see in the future.

Statement of the Metro Council on HB 4078

urban growth boundary, planning and policy

All of the great communities in our region benefit from an effective long range plan to protect farms, forests and natural areas and to provide good jobs now and in the future.

Our state was founded on the premise that our land was the basis for our livelihoods and therefore warranted strong protection and thoughtful planning. The proposed agreement reached by the leaders and residents of our region and endorsed by our Legislature is in keeping with our state’s founding premise.

Given the importance of what’s at stake, it is our responsibility as a community to come together to ensure we protect the things we love about this place – our working landscape, our natural beauty and our ability to provide good homes and good jobs for our growing families.

The local agreement reflected in HB 4078 rests on a solid foundation built through the years of hard work done by people from all across our region. It reflects our Oregon tradition of working together to protect the things that make our region a great place.

HB 4078 codifies the fundamental principles behind our region’s decision about urban and rural reserves. The legislation provides greater protection for farms, forests and natural areas, offers more predictability to our communities, home builders and manufacturers, and makes our land use system more efficient.

The Metro Council supports passage of HB 4078.

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