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Help plan the future of our region! Take the residential preference survey.

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As part of the urban growth management process a region-wide coalition of private and public sector organizations, led by Metro, is conducting a residential preference survey in April 2014. Our goal is to hear from as many residents of the region as possible about the kinds of neighborhoods, homes, parks, transportation options and other facilities that people want.

Metro news: At climate summit, leaders support transportation investments

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On Friday, April 11, Metro news reporter Nick Christensen covered a joint meeting between the Metro Policy Advisory Committee and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transporation. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss next steps related to climate change and transportation investments.

Oregonian: John Canzano column on convention center hotel

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In his March 2 column, Oregonian columnist shares his take on the proposed Convention Center Hotel.

KOIN News: Oregon’s growth has planners looking ahead

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In a January 28 report, KOIN 6 News looked at a growth report for the region and spoke with Metro deputy planning director John Williams.

Hughes drafts letter on UGB bill, gets council support at work session

planning and policy, development, urban growth boundary, reporting by Nick Christensen

Regional leaders Thursday further spelled out their position on a proposed bill that would fast-track the Metro Council's 2011 urban growth boundary expansion in Washington County.

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