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Metro implements changes to business food scraps program at Metro Central Transfer Station

Recently, the main company that accepts food scraps from Metro Central Transfer Station has experienced difficulties processing non-food items – things like waxed or food‐soiled cardboard, other paper products and serviceware – that are mixed with food scraps. The amount of non‐food materials mixed with food scraps is so great that food scraps themselves can no longer be effectively processed and therefore must be disposed of in a landfill.

Metro area garbage rates could decrease next year

Residents of the Portland region could see a decrease in their monthly garbage bill if the Metro Council approves an ordinance this week. But rates for composting will go up as a result of the same action.

A Hyatt, a levy and development everywhere: Metro's 2013 stories of the year

The Portland region's government was busy on projects stretching across the area, from studying a transit line to Tualatin, to negotiating to build a hotel in Portland's Lloyd District, to helping with the planning process for a site near Willamette Falls, to figuring out how to curb the region's tailpipe emissions.

Region's waste recovery rate hits new high; residents make less waste

The Portland region recovered a record 62 percent of its waste in 2012, according to a new report from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The region also saw a drop in the amount of waste disposed per person, marking the sixth year of a downward trend.

Spring break options at Metro parks and venues

Metro's parks and venues offer a variety of recreation opportunities during a spring break staycation, from hiking, to seeing a concert, to even helping finally organize your garage.

For many of the Portland region's residents, next week means spring break. If you're not packing your bags for warmer weather, there's plenty to do with extra time off right here at home.

Metro Council sends $1.6 million promissory note to North Portland

Long-term, maximum benefits to local residents envisioned for use of funds

The Metro Council late last week approved a resolution to spend the remaining $1.6 million in the North Portland enhancement fund by 2018 on a local trail and select neighborhood improvement projects proposed by the community. The council’s unanimous vote supported the recommendation of a committee comprised of North Portland residents that administers the fund.

Waste recovery reaches new highs in 2011

Oregonians are throwing away less trash than ever before, according to a new state report.

GLEAN art exhibit opens Friday, Sept. 14; challenges ideas about consumption, waste

Artists have used found objects in their work for a very long time; it’s nothing new. They’re accustomed to inspiration arriving in familiar, but unexpected packages: dog food labels, cigarette foil, curtains, socks, window screening, bicycle tire tubes, a scrapbook dating back to the early 1900s that documents the story of a young bride. Their skills lie in uncovering a facet of popular culture and drawing conclusions about it to help us understand it more thoroughly.

Opt In panelists offer surprising responses in trash survey

GarbageOne topic in particular stood out among open-ended responses in the July Opt In survey.

Metro inks deal with Miller for distribution of recycled paint across Pacific Northwest

At a signing ceremony Aug. 15, Miller Paint CEO Steve Dearborn and Metro deputy chief operating officer Scott Robinson inked a deal that guarantees Miller will buy at least 40,000 gallons of recycled paint from Metro each year through 2017.