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It's quarterly update time with city councils in Washington County District 4!

A personal message from Kathryn Harrington: Resources for Summer Fun – Right at your fingertips!

I hope that you, your family and friends have been enjoying a fun filled summer.  The long sunny dry days won’t last forever, so here are some ideas for how you might make the most of them.

A personal message from Councilor Harrington: Investing in our region's natural areas and parks

Last week, our region voted in favor of clean water, clean air and healthy habitats. By approving a local option levy to care for your region's growing portfolio of natural areas and regional parks, voters chose to protect some of your most valuable natural resources for future generations.

A personal message from Councilor Harrington: Help us support active transportation

As a Metro Councilor, I hear feedback from my district in Washington County as well as other areas of our great Portland metropolitan region that you want more walking and bicycling choices, safe and comfortable ones, that help you get to where you need to go, for work, for pleasure, for life. We are nearing completion of the first ever Active Transportation Plan to serve the residents and businesses that make up your neighborhood and our larger regional community.

A personal message from Councilor Harrington: Transportation Choices – Please Show up and Speak Up!

As your Metro Councilor, I have heard you ask time and time again for more transportation choices. You want to be able to get to where you need to go, safely and comfortably, in whichever manner works for you, be it walking, bicycling, using transit or driving in a car.

A personal message from Councilor Harrington: Clean Water is a Community Endeavor!

Serving as your elected Metro Councilor has provided me with the opportunity and motivation to participate in more events than when I worked in the private sector. These opportunities have given me new experiences and more exposure to the integrated relationship between nature and the lives we lead every single day.

A personal message from Councilor Harrington: No matter the rush, safety comes first!

You and I are human, which means we all walk. No matter how you travel, as some point you are walking to and from your home, your car, your business, the bus or MAX train. You are a pedestrian. Unfortunately we have safety issues in our community with people being hurt by cars driven by fellow community members.

A personal message from Kathryn Harrington: Supporting Economic Vitality for Prosperous Communities

Yes, our economy is recovering from the Great Recession. A frequent question I receive is “How is Metro helping restore and grow jobs in our region?” While many are familiar with the uniquely Oregon responsibility that Metro has for land use planning, your regional government does many more things to support jobs and a healthy economy for all.

A personal message from Kathryn Harrington: Beauty In Our Community Diversity!

When you look at the faces of your friends, your neighbors, the children in your area, your fellow church members, your colleagues at work, what do you see? I see my fellow human-beings, who share the same basic hopes and dreams that I have for myself and my loved ones, the desire to be happy and safe today and in the years ahead.

A personal message from Kathryn Harrington: Please Plant More Trees!

Where would we be without trees? Ah, the cooling shade they provide on hot summer days. Remember how they served an anchor home base role in your childhood games such as tag and hide and seek? Trees and shrubs also enhance the look of our homes and neighborhoods. They also breathe--yes, breathe--providing cleaner air for us.