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Facing a series of legal challenges to hotel project, Metro asks court to hear them all at once

Hotel renderingFaced with the potential of years of litigation about the proposed convention center hotel project, Metro announced Tuesday that it's turning to a somewhat obscure bit of law in hopes of answering all of the legal challenges at once.

Statement from Metro Council President Tom Hughes on convention center hotel project

Metro is committed to creating good jobs now and into the future for all residents of our region.

One way we can do this is through the Convention Center Hotel project. Today, Metro, the owner and operator of the Oregon Convention Center, took an important step towards achieving the goals of this job creation initiative by filing an important request with the courts.

Help plan the future of our region! Take the residential preference survey

Having a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live is a shared aspiration for all residents in the Portland metropolitan area.

Metro revamps Hispanic engagement ahead of trail project outreach

A proposed trail in western Washington County has forced Metro to re-think its public engagement process, and led to the passage of a new Hispanic engagement plan by the Metro Council.

At 52, 'elder statesman' Packy has his cake, eats it too

Packy and cakePacky, the oldest male Asian elephant in North America turned 52 today, and keepers presented the six-ton senior citizen with a cake to match the occasion: a 40-pound whole-wheat confection, frosted with buttercream and topped with carrots, bananas, apples and sweet potatoes.

At climate summit, leaders support transportation investments

More buses. Smarter roads. Better sidewalks and bikeways. All gathered support from the morning gathering of dozens of elected officials. That support isn't surprising. The leaders were spending on a currency of moral imperative, guided by a budget they've already laid out in policies that have been adopted from city councils and county commissions from across the region.

California Condors land in Portland

Kaweah - California CondorOn Wednesday morning, two hydraulic doors opened inside the Oregon Zoo’s new Condors of the Columbia habitat following a cue from a keeper radio call: "Release the krakens." With a few wind-making wing beats, two massive birds flapped their way up to the highest perches in the habitat, and California condors — North America’s largest birds — can now officially be counted among the zoo’s residents.

'Elephantastic' event offers sneak peek at new zoo

Encounter HabitatElephantastic, the Oregon Zoo’s annual salute to pachyderms, takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 12 — and this year’s event offers a chance to see history in the making.

Metro implements changes to business food scraps program at Metro Central Transfer Station

Recently, the main company that accepts food scraps from Metro Central Transfer Station has experienced difficulties processing non-food items – things like waxed or food‐soiled cardboard, other paper products and serviceware – that are mixed with food scraps. The amount of non‐food materials mixed with food scraps is so great that food scraps themselves can no longer be effectively processed and therefore must be disposed of in a landfill.

From cinder cone to wildlife haven

When Scouters Mountain Nature Park opens this summer, visitors will notice towering Douglas fir trees and stunning Mount Hood views. But, as a natural resource scientist, I saw something entirely different the first time I explored this volcano rising above Happy Valley.