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Councilor Collette was appointed to the Metro Council in November 2007, and elected in November 2008 and November 2010. Collette was Deputy President in 2010 and served temporarily as council president when term-limited Council President David Bragdon resigned in September 2010.

Responsibilities and initiatives

Councilor Collette works closely on land use and transportation planning with the seven cities, unincorporated portions of Clackamas County and part of Southwest Portland that are in her District 2 Jurisdiction. In addition, Collette chairs the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation, which determines priorities and projects slated for funding with federal transportation dollars in the Metro Region. Collette is Metro’s representative on the Transit Oriented Development Steering Committee, which oversees spending and progress on the region’s investment in new development adjacent to high use transit. She also is council lead on the Climate Smart Communities work Metro is undertaking to help the region meet statewide greenhouse gas targets set by the Oregon Legislature.

Collette served as council lead on the High Capacity Transit System Plan, planning for the region's next 30 years of investments in light rail, commuter rail, regional streetcars and bus rapid transit. Collette is co-chair of the Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project Steering Committee, and serves on the Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail Project Steering Committee, the Stakeholders Group for the Sellwood Bridge, and previously served on the Sunrise Transportation Project Policy Review Committee.

"I am keenly aware of the impacts traffic and congestion have on our communities," Collette says. "Safe, convenient and affordable public transit is one of our best means of reducing traffic and helping people live more sustainably in our region."

Collette's other Metro responsibilities include serving on the Oregon Zoo Foundation Board of Directors and as ex-officio board member of the Clackamas County Business Alliance. In addition, she represents Metro and Clackamas County as co-chair of the regional Creative Advocacy Network.

Collette thrives on helping her constituents build vibrant neighborhood and downtown centers with a mix of housing and jobs. "I grew up in a community where we could walk to school, to work and to shops and movie theaters. Today we call that a '20-minute neighborhood.' I want to help create that quality of community for people in this region," Collette says. 

Work and community experience

Carlotta Collette brings more than 30 years experience addressing complex infrastructure, livability and natural resource issues. Before her appointment to the Metro Council, Collette served as a member of the Milwaukie City Council where she helped guide revitalization efforts including Light Rail planning and downtown redevelopment. She also co-chaired the Clackamas County Coordinating Committee (C4). At C4, she worked across jurisdictional boundaries to build cooperation on transportation and land-use priorities while promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability. Collette also is a member of the Clackamas Community College Board of Education.

For 14 years, Collette was a public involvement strategist with the four-state Northwest Power Planning Council (now called the Northwest Power and Conservation Council). The Power Council's mandate is to protect Columbia River Basin fish and wildlife, while also providing adequate water for power generation, irrigation and navigation across an area roughly the size of France.

Following her work at the Power Council, Collette formed her own consulting firm developing public involvement and marketing strategies for government agencies and non-profit organizations. Her areas of focus include transportation, land use and environmental planning; urban design; and community and stakeholder engagement. She has published numerous articles on these topics and speaks frequently at conferences.

Collette has a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Marylhurst College. She lives in Milwaukie with her husband, David Mayfield, one dog and two cats. She enjoys walking and gardening, and is a published photographer and writer.