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Statement of the Metro Council on HB 4078

planning and policy, urban and rural reserves, urban growth boundary

Engagement guide to serve as outreach resource for all

Community Investment Strategy

Public engagementEvery four years, to meet federal anti-discrimination guidelines, Metro is required to update its public involvement plans for transportation projects that receive federal funding. This cycle, what the agency is putting forth is more in-depth than ever.

Metro regional parks and Oregon Zoo offer free admission for military personnel on Veterans Day

parks and trails, visitor venues

Metro will acknowledge Veterans Day by offering free admission to Metro regional parks and the Oregon Zoo for military veterans and active military personnel, as well as family members who accompany them. Families of deployed military personnel also will be given free admission.

Take two: Prescott apartments to open next month after project's long hiatus

development, finances & funding

A U-shaped mixed-use development, the Prescott is sleek and modern. Its apartments feature floor-to-ceiling windows and wood flooring. While it's set to open Dec. 1 and prospective tenants are showing interest, those involved in the project say it's impressive the Prescott ever materialized.

Nature in Neighborhoods conservation education grants available for projects that connect people with nature

grants, natural areas

kidzWant to teach people about nature, create local community partnerships or foster leaders to connect people with water quality, fish and wildlife habitat in the Portland metropolitan area? Do you need funding to make your idea a reality? Apply for Metro’s Nature in Neighborhoods conservation education grants.

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