January 18, 2012  3:15 PM

Metro seeks public comment on four-year federal transportation projects schedule


Metro invites the region to view and comment on the upcoming four-year schedule of federal transportation investments in the Portland area. The four-year schedule, known as the 2012-2015 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program, encompasses all federal spending on transportation, including highways, public transit, pedestrian and bike projects in the three-county metropolitan area.

Public comments are being accepted through noon, Monday, Feb. 13.

The MTIP includes all federally funded transportation projects in the Portland metropolitan area, including projects planned by TriMet, the Oregon Department of Transportation and local agencies receiving federal funds allocated by Metro.

The comment opportunity also describes Metro’s determination that the region will continue to meet federal and state air quality standards. The period also provides an opportunity to comment on the capital program of Wilsonville’s SMART transit agency.

The documents are online at www.oregonmetro.gov/mtip. If you are unable to download the documents, call 503-797-1750.

View the documents

Some discussions of the MTIP are controversial and involve decisions about how much to spend on highways or public transit or bike facilities. That's not what this comment period is about – instead it's intended to let the public weigh in on project schedules. The Federal Highway Administration requires Metro and other regional agencies nationwide to gather public comment on the schedules.

Local agencies may find the schedule particularly informative and may have comments about the appropriate timing of project phases. The general public may find the document helpful in tracking the progress of transportation projects that are years in the making.

The Air Quality Conformity Determination estimates carbon monoxide emissions and precursors of smog (volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen) from cars and trucks in the greater Portland airshed to the year 2035, assuming all the transportation facilities in the Regional Transportation Plan are built. The estimate must not exceed a budget approved for the region by the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The capital program for SMART shows Federal Transit Administration funded projects and the federal amount to be expended, as well as the time period established for public review of and comment on these projects.

Comments on all the MTIP, air quality and SMART documents can be made by email to trans@oregonmetro.gov with "MTIP Comments" in the subject line, or by mail to MTIP Comments, c/o Dylan Rivera, Planning Department, Metro, 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97232-2736. Comments must be received by Metro by noon, Monday, Feb. 13.

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