November 19, 2010  12:28 PM

Metro offers tips to turn “Black Friday” green

sustainable gift giving Choose gifts from local artists or even handmade gifts.

The day after Thanksgiving is promoted as a time to shop ‘til ya drop. Metro can help you turn your Thanksgiving traditions and Black Friday green.

As you begin making your shopping plans this holiday season, consider these simple tips to make your holidays waste-wise.

Many new items come wrapped in excessive plastic packaging, much of which cannot be easily recycled, and contributes to waste that fills up landfills. Instead of dealing with packaging after you buy, choose items that use less packaging materials, such as art and crafts from local artists or even homemade gifts. If you do get a heavily packaged gift, consider using more sustainable forms of wrapping including recycled gift-wrap, reusable containers or attractive fabric swatches.

The gifts you give don’t always have to be new! The Portland and Vancouver area have an incredible variety of eclectic vintage shops and unique regional artisans. Local handmade items can be fun and personalized, and buying local helps contribute to the region’s economy.

Thanksgiving is about more than just holiday shopping. It’s also about spending time with friends and family. As you make plans for your holiday parties and meals, consider the types of food you serve and where you purchase them.

Food and how it’s produced, packaged, shipped and disposed of accounts for more than 13 percent of human-caused carbon emissions in the United States. Consider purchasing your ingredients from a nearby farm stand or your local farmer’s market. Buying local food helps supports the region’s economy and reduces emissions which helps keep our air clean.

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