October 17, 2011  4:29 PM

Metro in the Media: Oct. 17, 2011



Metro looks at plan to expand growth boundary

Councilors are set to decide on land expansion on Oct. 20 (Portland Tribune/Oct. 17/Jim Redden) 

Metro Council Approaching Final Vote On UGB

The council is keen on expanding the boundary by less than 2,000 acres (OPB News/Oct. 14/Rob Manning) 

Metro Council makes minor change to urban growth boundary proposal

A 48-acre area near Tigard was added by a unanimous vote of the council (Metro Newsfeed/Oct. 13/Nick Christensen)

Tigard-area land added to Metro proposal

The addition is smaller than the 256-acre area the city requested (Portland Business Journal/Oct. 14/Andy Giegerich) 

Orenco Woods Golf Course deal goes green

Metro and the city of Hillsboro will split the cost of turning the fairway into a nature park (Hillsboro Argus/Oct. 7/Kurt Eckert)

Hillsboro notes: At council meeting, some gadflies say thanks; others still have questions

Meeting attendees seem pleased with city's development plans despite missing details (Oregonian/Oct. 5/Casey Parks)

Hillsboro's nature park plans will displace Saint Child from historic Orenco house

After the $4 million deal is done, a young mothers program must find new residence (Oregonian/Oct. 6/Casey Parks)

Sherwood's Cedar Creek Greenway Trail poised to receive $5.1 million

Metro will decide whether to allocate the money for a 4.7-mile trail (Oregonian/Oct. 13/Sally Ho)


'Yes' on Proposition 1

The Columbian recommends voting for tax increase to preserve transit services (The Columbian/Oct. 12) 


Birmingham provides global eco good practice case study

Burkholder gets European lesson on low-impact, energy-efficient homebuilding (Spaghetti Gazetti/Oct. 7)

American councillor visits Birmingham's first eco village in Ladywood

Burkholder's visit to an English eco village adds to its international acclaim (Birmingham Mail/Oct. 14/Kate Baldwyn)


Washington County News: iPhone 4S has TriQuint chips inside; WalMart traffic worries Raleigh Hills neighbors

Neighbors aren't opposed to the box store, just the traffic (Oregonian/Oct. 14/Kjerstin Gabrielson)

Paying for Vera's mistakes

Local blogger says the city is in debt $155 million for a wing of the Convention Center (Bojack/Oct. 14/Jack Bogdanski)

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