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Good government requires public trust. Metro's goal is to improve transparency, so that the people of the Portland metropolitan area can understand the choices faced by themselves, their friends, coworkers, social organizations, and ultimately, by their government. Metro News shares what the regional government and its partners are doing to manage parks, growth, transportation, environment and economy, and helps readers and media partners keep track of the decisions being made that will shape the future of the region.

Metro News also tells stories about the communities, businesses and people working to make this region a great place. Regular updates let readers know about tools for sustainable living and opportunities to enjoy the region's natural areas, parks, trails and visitor venues.

Starting in 2014, we're collaborating with Metro's new magazine, Our Big Backyard, to share some of the stories of our region's natural spaces. Bylined stories in Our Big Backyard meet the same editorial standards you've come to expect from Metro News.

Stories with bylines

Articles with bylines are written with a goal of objectivity. The bylined writers strive for fair reporting that tells several sides of a story, improves Metro's transparency and makes it easier to understand the decisions we face.

Our commitment

  • Stories with bylines involve original reporting and research. If we didn't hear a quote from a person directly, we'll tell you how we got it.
  • We are guided by the Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics.
  • We are committed to fairness and accuracy. If you think we've made a mistake or left out an important point of view, tell us.
  • Our goal is to make information easier to understand. If it still doesn’t make sense, let us know.

What do you think?

What types of articles do you value most? Would you like the opportunity to comment on or discuss Metro news stories online? Send feedback, questions and story ideas to newsroom@oregonmetro.gov or call news editor Nick Christensen at 503-813-7583.

Contact our staff

Nick Christensen, editor, Metro News – 503-813-7583, nickc@oregonmetro.gov

Laura Oppenheimer Odom, editor, Our Big Backyard – 503-797-1879, laura.odom@oregonmetro.gov

Peggy Morell, writer – 503-797-1542, peggy.morell@oregonmetro.gov

Molly Simas, writer – 503-797-1842, molly.simas@oregonmetro.gov

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