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Retiring Metro finance director leaves behind stability, looks forward to travel

MargoYou will always have more choices than money.

It's been one of Margo Norton's mantras in Metro's finance department, a tenure that began on April Fools Day in 2006 and ends on Halloween in 2012.

Metro events, October 31-November 6: Lend a hand

Take a few hours this week to give back to the region's diverse ecosystem by volunteering at Metro's Native Plant Center. Maybe even bring home a few native plants of your own! The best part is, most of the events are low-cost or free, and registration can be completed online. Follow the links below for more information.

Trick or Meat: Zoo tigers celebrate Halloween birthday

Mikhail, a rare Amur tiger, kicks back with a giant jack-o’-lantern at the Oregon ZooAmur tigers Mikhail and Nicole turn 14 this week at the Oregon Zoo, and keepers plan to treat the brother and sister pair to a Halloween-themed birthday bounty: a meatball-studded cardboard birthday cake, scented papier-mâché party balloons, and some pumpkins stuffed with delicious carnivore snacks. The tigers, wearing orange and black for this (and every) occasion, will receive their goodies at 10:31 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Metro in the Media: Oct. 29, 2012

News and blogosphere mentions for the week of Oct. 23-Oct. 29

Fifty artists to be showcased in third annual New Brow of Portland exhibit at PCPA; opens Nov. 1

Art 2New Brow of Portland will open its two month exhibit at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts at a First Thursday reception from 5-8 p.m. on Nov. 1.

Transportation fund aims to boost economy, make more equitable access to jobs

The Portland area could invest $34 million in transportation projects that create jobs, make safer streets and improve access to jobs for low-income and minority communities.

Attend an open house and learn about the proposed route for the Westside Trail

The Westside Trail will travel through urban and rural landscapes connecting the Willamette River near Forest Park to the Tualatin River at Tigard and King City – and neighborhoods, businesses and schools along the way.

Thanks to community feedback from open houses held last May, Metro and project partners have developed a proposed route for the 25-mile north-south trail. Want to share your input? Attend an open house on how the pedestrian and biking trail can safely connect to your community.

Rain gardens protect rivers and streams

Drizzles got you down? Make the most of the season by creating a rain garden in your yard. It will help protect rivers and streams from polluted storm water, and add a beautiful feature to your yard. Metro natural gardening expert Carl Grimm shared top rain garden tips today on KATU’s AM Northwest.

Pachyderms pulverize pumpkins in prelude to 'Howloween'

Samudra smashing squashVisitors can see some of the world’s largest land animals demolish some of the area’s largest pumpkins at 10:30 a.m, Friday, Oct. 26, during the Oregon Zoo’s annual Squishing of the Squash.

Waste recovery reaches new highs in 2011

Oregonians are throwing away less trash than ever before, according to a new state report.