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Elissa Gertler Q&A: Metro's new planning director discusses her vision

Elissa Gertler has a lot of experience around the Portland region dealing with the different aspects of planning, development and land use, from her time at the Clark County Homebuilder's Association to her position as the economic development manager at the Portland Development Commission. On March 20 Gertler was named the new director of Metro's Planning and Development Department after serving as a deputy director for almost three years.

Help plan the future of our region! Take the residential preference survey

Having a safe, comfortable and affordable place to live is a shared aspiration for all residents in the Portland metropolitan area.

Final planning forum scheduled for Thursday night in Beaverton

The forum, scheduled for 5:30 p.m. in Beaverton, is the final of three scheduled discussions on several of Metro's long-term planning efforts. Metro Councilors Kathryn Harrington and Craig Dirksen are scheduled to attend the forum at the Beaverton Library.

Metro revamps Hispanic engagement ahead of trail project outreach

A proposed trail in western Washington County has forced Metro to re-think its public engagement process, and led to the passage of a new Hispanic engagement plan by the Metro Council.

At climate summit, leaders support transportation investments

More buses. Smarter roads. Better sidewalks and bikeways. All gathered support from the morning gathering of dozens of elected officials. That support isn't surprising. The leaders were spending on a currency of moral imperative, guided by a budget they've already laid out in policies that have been adopted from city councils and county commissions from across the region.

Willamette Falls, rediscovered: Blueprint calls for new waterfront district in historic Oregon City

Walk down Main Street in historic Oregon City, and you’ll reach a dead-end at a complex of hollow industrial buildings. This former paper mill separates Oregonians from one of the state’s scenic and cultural treasures: Willamette Falls, roaring through the river just out of view.

Multnomah County residents debate cars, bikes, carbon and strategies for growth

Last Thursday, Multnomah County residents met to discuss their visions for the future of the region with Metro Councilors Bob Stacey, Sam Chase and Shirley Craddick as part of the public comment period for the 2014 Regional Transportation Plan.

No 5-acre urban lot: Survey aims to look at residents' true housing priorities

Launched as part of Metro's urban growth report, the survey of 800 regional residents, plus another panel of Opt In participants, could shed light on the trade-offs consumers are willing to make to live in the type of neighborhood they desire.

Hayden Island connection, BSNF rail bridge could be Columbia River focus in CRC amendment

The proposal, set which would have to be approved by the Metro Council and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation, leaves the old Columbia River Crossing project in the region's transportation plan, which is set for a minor update this year.

Community leaders speak out on tailpipe reduction, say transit is a priority

Ideas for the future of transportation in the Portland region flew fast and furious last week as community leaders provided feedback on six proposals for Metro's efforts to curb tailpipe emissions in the Portland region. Those ideas came at two workshops used to gather perspectives on transportation in order to shape the region's preferred approach for reducing greenhouse gases.