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At climate summit, leaders support transportation investments

More buses. Smarter roads. Better sidewalks and bikeways. All gathered support from the morning gathering of dozens of elected officials. That support isn't surprising. The leaders were spending on a currency of moral imperative, guided by a budget they've already laid out in policies that have been adopted from city councils and county commissions from across the region.

Community leaders speak out on tailpipe reduction, say transit is a priority

Ideas for the future of transportation in the Portland region flew fast and furious last week as community leaders provided feedback on six proposals for Metro's efforts to curb tailpipe emissions in the Portland region. Those ideas came at two workshops used to gather perspectives on transportation in order to shape the region's preferred approach for reducing greenhouse gases.

A Hyatt, a levy and development everywhere: Metro's 2013 stories of the year

The Portland region's government was busy on projects stretching across the area, from studying a transit line to Tualatin, to negotiating to build a hotel in Portland's Lloyd District, to helping with the planning process for a site near Willamette Falls, to figuring out how to curb the region's tailpipe emissions.

Economic impacts start to come into focus on tailpipe emission study

Plans to reduce tailpipe emissions in the Portland region could save Metro area residents and businesses millions of dollars annually, according to the latest research from the Climate Smart Communities Scenarios Project.

Metro staff says state's tailpipe target is attainable

A state mandate to reduce tailpipe emissions in the Portland region is looking attainable – if state leaders can help Metro find the money to make it happen.

Development, clean air and appeals: A look at the Metro Council's agenda for the rest of 2013

The Metro Council is back from recess. Here's the top 5 things to watch for in the rest of 2013.

Climate Smart work can move forward after approval from Metro Council

Metro Councilors waved the green flag on Metro's Climate Smart Communities project Thursday, approving the criteria Metro staff will use to look at ways to curb the region's tailpipe emissions.

Climate Smart project looks toward future in update after governor recognizes 40 years of land use planning

On a day when Oregon's governor and land use commissioners celebrated the 40th anniversary of Senate Bill 100, Metro officials were looking forward, to the coming decades, in a presentation to the Land Conservation and Development Commission.

Hughes: Portland region must do more to prepare for economic growth

Delivering a State of the Region address at the City Club of Portland's Friday Forum, Hughes focused on the economy in his 28-minute speech, talking about bringing jobs to the Portland region and having employees ready to fill them.

Economy and equity highlight council discussion on Climate Smart criteria

Under the criteria, to be used as part of evaluating the Climate Smart Communities scenarios, Metro staffers will look at how proposals for curbing tailpipe emissions would affect things like the economy, public health and social equity.